Episode Episode 30: “Phantom of the Snow Mountains”
Alias Legend Monster
Height 40 m
Weight 0
Emergence Mt. Iidayama
Homeplace Mt. Iidayama
Features Protecting Yukinko (Yuki)
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Exproduction
Actor Kunio Suzuki

Woo is a mysterious and illusional monster like an abominable snowman with the entire body covered with long snowy hair.

It’s also known as the first monster which battled with Ultraman of the C Type suite (among fans). 🙂

It has the eyelids close sideways, not moving up and down.

It’s a legendary monster dwelling in the mountains of Iidayama (fictional mountain).

In the village at the foot of Mt. Iidayama there was a girl with the name of Yuki nicknamed Yukinko by village people.

Yukinko (Yuki)

Generally speaking, yukinko (snowchild) is the name of a yokai (specter) along with yukionna (literally, snowwoman) which is said to be the mother of yukinko.

They are specters talked about in legends descending from time immemorial in Japan.

Yuki was a baby found beside an unknown woman who died on the roadside in the snowy village.

The baby was taken care of and raised by a charcoal burner and grew up into a beautiful girl.

But she was left an orphan after his death.


And the girl began to be cast out by people gradually as Yukinko bringing bad luck to the village.

Woo appeared as if it tried to protect Yuki every time she was bullied and called the name.

It’s assumed Woo is the incarnation of her dead mother.

In a battle with Ultraman, Woo vanished into a blizzard in response to Yuki’s calling leaving Ultraman standing with a dazed look.

This episode was especially unique and impressive among the ones of “Ultraman.”


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