Space Battleship Yamato Triggered The ‘Revival Boom’ 1

Space Battleship Yamato

As always somehow, I received a comment referring to the related topic I was about to write about, which always makes me feel happily strange.

Today’s undiminished popularity of the Ultra Series originated from the ‘revival boom’ which arose sometime around the late 1970s through the early 1980s in Japan in the wake of the unparalleled and unprecedented ‘Uchu Senkan (Space Battleship) Yamato’ boom of all time.

While the anime product was originally aired in 1974, it didn’t get to gain so much popularity initially as it was when anime shows were deemed to be exclusively for children.


The product with the precise (by the standards of the time) sci-fi settings and the elaborate depiction of its mechas, however, was reevaluated through reruns and finally won high reputation as the anime show ‘worthy of adult appreciation’ (while I don’t like this expression personally).

Yamato’s success helped the other anime shows to be reviewed including the anime and tokusatsu products preceding Yamato, and it triggered what is called the ‘revival boom’ in Japan.

Incidentally, it was not until Yamato that ‘manias’ of tokusatsu and anime publicly appeared as you can see today.

The reevaluation of the Ultra Series boosted by the publication of adult-oriented, detailed books on the series happened in the same line, and it led to the start of the production of the anime ‘The Ultraman’ and, a bit later, ‘Ultraman 80.’

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