Episode Episode 36: “Arashi, Don’t Shoot!”
Alias Transformation Monster
Height 40 m
Weight 20,000 t
Emergence Tokyo
Homeplace Unknown
Features Strengthening body constitution ; emitting light of 60 million Candelas
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Kunio Suzuki

Zaragas is a monster which appeared as if from nowhere along with a flash of light from the sky and red smoke from the ground.

It’s hard to handle because the more it strengthens the body constitution the more it gets attacked.

A shell it had on top of the head, on the chest and the back respectively came off when the constitution got reinforced.

Zaragas with the shells on

That also makes Zaragas more aggressive.

With shells gone, holes on the head and a number of pipes on the chest and back appeared.

And it emitted a flash of blinding light from there.

The light of 60 million Candelas was so intense that it deprived people of their eyesight.


It made even Ultraman who mounted the monster half-blind for a short while with his eyes lit off.

It was a relief to see his eyes get back the light again which showed hie eyesight came back as well.

It’s amazing the eyes lit and off give us such a different impression.

Though it’s described as Transformation Monster, it’s not that Zaragas turns into a different form but the shells just come off.

Anyway I like Zaragas because I find a monster whose armor-like shells come off amusing along with its massive appearance.

Its horn craft-like horn looks so beautiful and attractive including its shape with a subtle curve.

It’s also fun to see it have pipes with a flush bulb in each of them which look like artificial objects anyway you look at them, which makes me think the monster could be the one from space.

It shows an unexpected side of sleeping sitting properly as well, which looks cute.


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