Episode Episode 21: Space Directive M774
Alias None
Height 160 centimeters
Weight 45 kilograms
Homeplace Planet Ruperts
Features Coming to defend Earth under Space Directive M774
Actress Keiko Mizuki

Alien Ruperts is an alien who has exactly the same appearance as earthlings and came here from space to defend Earth from Bostang which was to pose a threat to the planet.

While she has her own name Zemi and warned Yuriko of Bostangs’ intrusion into Earth by making a doll speak Zemi’s words on the ship Queenpearl.

Although Yuriko watched a glowing object falling across the night sky just after the doll was found on the floor, she threw away the speaking doll onto the sea surface as it’s creepy. (Zemi should have done something else. A speaking doll in the darkness is too creepy!)


Next, Manjome and Ippei were enticed into an unpeopled bar with their Cessna remote-controlled by Zemi, and she sent her message from Planet Ruperts through a record played on a jukebox in there.

Zemi finally met Manjome, Ippei and Yuriko in the Central Library as a librarian Kiyomi Ichijo just after she arrived on Earth.

She explained that Bostang was a dangerous monster sent in by Alien Keel to invade Earth while she stated that it was her mission to defend the planet under Space Directive M774 while working for the peace of the universe.


After she accompanied Manjome and the others and watched Bostang wiped off, Zemi ended up living on Earth.

According to her, many friendly aliens have already lived on Earth since they came to defend it.

As she told that he/she was also an alien, all the people she turned her eyes to were found to wear sandals with the same design.

The episode ends with her words spoken to audiences ‘the person next to you may be an alien as well’ (too shocking for kids).

Zemi, Alien Ruperts is the forerunner of aliens with the same appearance as earthlings followed by Alien KillMaya (Alien Magellan) and Alien Salome of Ultraseven.


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