Episode Episode 39: “Farewell, Ultraman”
Alias Space Dinosaur
Height 60 m
Weight 30,000 t
Emergence SSSP Japan Headquarter
Homeplace Space
Features Controlled by the mysterious alien; defeating Ultraman completely
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Teruo Aragaki

Zetton is a space monster described as Space Dinosaur which came out of the mysterious aliens‘ largest spacecraft.

It’s known as the strongest monster which, of all things, defeated Ultraman completely.

Always emitting a characteristic electric sound (I like this), Zetton disabled Ultraman’s attacks such as Catch Ring and Ultra Slash by using its barrier and so on.

It also has the ability to teleport which disturbed Ultraman.


The space dinosaur absorbed Ultraman’s Spaceum Beam and emitted a wave-like beam in exchange which hit the Color Timer and
made Ultraman fall down to the ground.

At the end, the formidable enemy was smashed into pieces in mid air by the Zero Gravity Shot which was a prototype just finished by the Science Center.

It’s amazing to see Dr. Iwamoto, who was rescued out of the SSSP building, take the new weapon out of the inner pocket of his jacket in such a casual way.  Yes, I like that!!!  🙂


The stylish form of Zetton with no features and expressions on its face, which makes it look emotionless enough, was so impressive as well although it’s an abominable monster which defeated our hero.

Its back like a longicorn beetle also looks attractive.

As described in the post on Saigo, I heard Zetton could have been an alien controlling Saigo.

If that’s true, I imagine that could be why both of them have similar projections on the face.

But I think it’s Zetton that deserves to be a monster for the final episode.

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