Zoffy, emissary from Land of Light

Zoffy speaking to Ultraman in a red light ball

Zoffy is a member of Space Ranger (Uchu Keibi-tai) belonging to Nebula M-78 which is also called the Land of Light.

He visits Earth to bring Ultraman back home in the last episode of “Ultraman.” (Episode 39)

Zoffy has become the captain of Space Ranger in later Ultra Series as the world settings of Ultraman and Ultra Seven which used to be separate had been combined since “Return of Ultraman.”

I love the original Zoffy appearing in “Ultraman” most.


It is said Zoffy was named after the word “sophist.” (In the drama, he identified himself as Zoffy.)

How philosophical Ultra is!

He was depicted as emissary from the Land of Light and Ultraman’s associate.

It did not spoil the mystique Ultraman bears.

It should have been really eye-opening to learn Ultraman has an associate with the same look.


Zoffy’s suit is said to be the reused A-type Ultraman’s suit with a newly molded C-type mask attached.

Satoshi Furuya acted Zoffy as well in front of the empty suite of Ultraman lying in front.

As the mask newly molded by Akira Sasaki has no holes to look outside, Mr. Furuya says the invisibility embarrassed him.

As Zoffy had no battle scene, it may have had no holes.


Zoffy has patters slightly different from Ultraman also with rivet-like things on the chest and upper arms.

In addition, the center projection of the mask is painted black.

The eyes are placed higher (unintentionally, I suppose) than Ultraman, and that gives us an impression different from Ultraman along with no holes under the eyes.

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