Alien Zohffy Controlling Zetton


Now that videos and DVDs are available, it is possible for us to enjoy watching the Ultra Series episodes whenever you like.

In my childhood, however, it was impossible, and we had no choice but to rely on reruns to watch the shows again.

Without the Internet, we didn’t have so much systematic information on the Ultra Series as today, either.

Such a situation could have caused confusion about the Ultra Series among people.


One of them is about Zoffy who appeared in the final episode, Episode 39, of Ultraman.

Actually he was not so properly acknowledged as today at the time.

I remember he was usually illustrated differently from actual Zoffy when shown in publications.

The Ultraman Pictorial recently published refers to how he was dealt with under the title of Zoffy and Alien Zetton — The History of Confusion.


Of all things, there was a time when Zoffy was confused with the alien controlling Zetton, now known as Alien Zetton, in those days with the name of Zohffy (with a prolonged vowel) instead of Zoffy somehow.

According to the pictorial, the above illustrations were shown in the Bokura Magazine of Aug., 1967, four months after Ultraman ended.

It is noteworthy that Zohffy’s crest is painted in black properly.


They are described as below (I have to admit I love this hilarious inaccuracy):

Space Dinosaur Zetton

Height: 60 meters Weight: 30,000 tons

It came from space.

It melts anything by breathing out a fire ball of high temperature.

It acts as instructed by Zohffy.


Alien Zohffy

Height: 2 meters Weight: 50 kilograms

It came from space.

It raged violently manipulating Zetton. Not so powerful but smart.

Weak to the Super Gun.

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